It's Friday, friends! Which means there's a week's worth of good reads waiting for you here in the weekly Work Management roundup! This week we bring you links to articles that will help you excel in the workplace.

The 5 Things That Stress People Out the Most At Work ( Stress is a common roadblock to productivity at work. But what are the top 5 causes of stress at work? This article tackles the top "what"s and "why"s, according to 1,500 survey respondents of the 2015 Work Management Survey Report.

Individual Productivity? No. It's About Team Productivity (LinkedIn): With so much focus on personal productivity especially within the workplace, there's been a significant lack of talk surrounding how to make entire teams more productive. Here are 3 tips.

The High Cost of Multitasking (Wrike): The problem is that when we jump from task to task, we aren’t really getting more done. Instead, we’re forcing our brains to constantly switch gears, which means we're exhausting our mental reserves and working harder to do things at a lower level of quality.

15 Things Every Newbie Needs to Know About Starting a Business (Entrepreneur): Brandon Turner shares 15 of the biggest lessons he's learned over the past decade about building and growing a business. And some of them are surprising.

How to Ditch Your To-Do List (LinkedIn): Productivity author Tony Robbins explains how to-do lists focus only on what you need to get done. Checking them off doesn't necessarily mean you’re actually making any real progress.

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