It's time for the Friday Roundup once again. Today also marks 14 years since the tragedy of 9/11. We wanted to put together an especially heroic collection of links to the best articles on work management, productivity, and work. So grab your drink of choice and warm up your Wrike Chrome extension to bookmark the articles you'll want to read later on the ride home. Here they are:

How-To Articles:

Successful Entrepreneurs Are Never 'Out of the Office' (Entrepreneur): Entrepreneur and sales expert Grant Cardone suggests 2 rules so that you're always open to opportunity, even when you're technically offline. And no it's not a recipe for becoming a workaholic, rather, it's a plan of action for never turning away new business.

To Become a Leader, Think Beyond Your Role (Harvard Business Review): Excellent read on defining your role broadly and how thinking like an owner can actually help you lead more fruitfully.

Design a Pitch Deck: Lessons from a Seasoned Founder (Medium): The founder of men's fashion app Mylo explains the dos and don'ts of creating and designing a pitch deck. Bonus tip: even Slideshare says bullet points are bad.

Find the Cheapest Flights With These 5 Travel Apps (DailyTekk): Forget the days of the mega-sites that promised cheap tickets but never really delivered. This list of 5 travel apps will transform how you shop for flights. Just, be warned that frequent business travel is bad for your health.

Get New Content for Your Site (Audience Bloom): Yep, you constantly need new content for your company blog. Marketers know the struggle is real. But here are 7 ways to get new content for your blog from guest posts to interviews and more. And they're all free.

Master Twitter Like a Boss (Medium): Buffer put together a guide for Twitter newbies which condenses and combines their best advice on this social media platform —all in one blog post.

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