Managers, rejoice! We've just updated our Table View to make it even easier to export summary reports on the status of all your projects. 

With our improved Table View, you'll notice a few changes:

—You can hide or unhide columns using the gear icon in the upper left-hand corner of the table.

—You now have the option of exporting exactly what's visible on your screen into Excel so you can format reports with just the information you want to include. 

—We've incorporated time spent on tasks into the Table View. To display the total amount of time your team tracked using our timer, click the gear icon and select to show the "Time Spent" column. These values are read-only from the Table View, but you can modify them via your time logs and task details.

Report Red-Yellow-Green Statuses and Actual Time Spent with our Table View Improvements

If you're creating reports for your manager or executives, the new Table View will help you share exactly what they need to see. When you want to provide a summary report with row per project, you can roll up all individual tasks and export only the high-level information to share in your updates.

With the help of Custom Fields, you can now report on your projects using "Red-Yellow-Green" statuses. Create a Custom Field for "Project Status" with a dropdown list of the three colors. When you have rolled up all your tasks to show just the project-level information, you can mark the status of each project before you export the file to share it with your executives. 

If you need to compare actual time spent versus how much time you planned to spend, Custom Fields in your Table View can also help you track your hours. Choose to show the new "Time Spent" column, and create a Custom Field for "Planned Time". Once you enter the amount of time your team estimated they'd need to complete work in your "Planned Time" field, comparing those numbers to your "Time Spent" column will quickly reveal if you went over or under your target. Extra time spent on projects is money lost, so you'll be able to see if your hours are putting you over budget.

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