As you may have read in Andrew's previous post, Wrike may extract a folder name from the subject and put the task in the corresponding folder.

Here is how it works: Let's say you have a "trip to France" folder shared with your fiance and you want him to check the airfare. You create an e-mail to send him with subject "check airfare" and put [email protected] in the CC field. Put "[trip to France]" in the beginning of the subject, so your e-mail looks like this:

When Wrike receives this message, it automatically puts the task "check airfare" in folder "trip to France" for both you and your fiance.

If you're wondering what would happen to such an e-mail if neither you, nor your friend has such folder. Wrike will create the folder for you, but it will not be shared with your friend. To share or not to share – it's up to you. So in your hierarchy of tasks the task will go to newly created folder, while in your friend's hierarchy it'll stay uncategorized.