Recently we activated a filter in Wrike as one of the tools that make time and activities tracking easy. The filter doesn’t only select the tasks or folders you need, it helps you manage your information and track projects.

Filter activities you work on together
Let me demonstrate how it works. You want to have a picture of all tasks that John is in charge of and shares with Mary and that are already completed. So, you want to know how productive they are or simply remind yourself of what activities they worked on together.

Filter all of the activities by status – choose “Completed”, then “Assigned to” – John and “Shared with” – Mary. Or vice versa: first by responsible, then by status. No matter. Now you have a list of the selected tasks.

The benefit of this approach is that you not only can track separate projects, but also cross-folders. You may know what your peers or sub ordinatas are in charge of and what kind of tasks they perform.