Some people say sitting is the new smoking, others would say it's actually... swearing. In a time where working from home is common, polos and khakis are replacing suits and ties, and cursing like a sailor is seen as an expression of passion for your work, the fine line between work and home grows thinner and thinner. 

We decided to dive into the world of informal communication in the office and see how thin that line actually is. We ran a survey across 1,542 workers addressing language and informality in the workplace. Turns out, the majority of people do swear in the workplace (57%), however 41% feel that swearing is too casual and unprofessional. Here are some other findings from our survey:
  • 49% say they occasionally swear in the workplace, while 25% say they swear daily 
  • More women (60%) admitted to swearing than men (55%), however men who do swear in the office do it at a higher frequency than women
  • 94% say they swear more in face-to-face conversations vs. email or online communication
  • 66% say they are more likely to swear if their boss swears, while 25% report "it doesn't matter"
  • 33% would not consider accepting a position in an organization in which swearing is strictly banned

Check out the complete findings from part one of our 2016 Work Management Survey:

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