Traveling for work sometimes feels counterproductive. Meeting with prospects, clients, and international team members is extremely important, but what about your daily tasks and responsibilities?

Working with limited computer access and spotty internet connection is difficult—especially when you throw in different time zones and cross-functional partners. Where and how will all this work get done!?

Our answer: Wrike's mobile app for Android and iOS.

We’re excited to announce added capabilities to both Wrike for Android and iOS! Working on the go is now easier than ever with the following updates to Wrike’s mobile apps.

Enhanced visibility

Despite the benefits of cross-functional collaboration, keeping track of various colleagues’ moving pieces is a challenge—especially when you’re working with limited access to Wifi and a small touchscreen. You don’t want to be the one who drops the ball!

Wrike app’s updated MyWork, Inbox, Dashboard, and Task Stream make it easy to keep tabs on collaborative projects and quickly recognize when you need to take action. With the new UI, you have enhanced visibility into your team’s work, and can rest assured progress is being made no matter where you are.

Enhancements include:

  • Ability to see a stream of ongoing, recently updated work in your Inbox
  • Get immediately directed to the right task when you tap on push/Inbox notifications
  • More viewable information is available via Inbox view
  • Improved starred tasks


No Wifi, no problem

Wifi is not always guaranteed when you’re traveling. But whether you’re 30,000 feet in the air or in the back of an Uber en route to your next meeting, work has to get done.

Wrike app’s new Offline Mode makes it possible to access tasks without internet. View cached content, create tasks, subtasks, and comments, edit tags and assignees, change workflow statuses, and drag and drop tasks in Task List—no network connection required.

The best part? Any changes you make offline are automatically synced across the app and made available to your team as soon as you reconnect!

Keeping your work secure

Who says you have to sacrifice security for convenience? Security is always a top priority at Wrike. We’re constantly improving our app to make sure the work you do on your mobile device is just as secure as the work you do on your desktop.

Here are a few updates we’ve made to ensure your work is secure on any device:

  • Database encryption - Information stored in Wrike is encrypted and protected both at rest and in transit.
  • Security Certificate Pinning - Wrike protects your login information from malicious applications that send your info to third parties.
  • 2-Factor Authentication - Secure Wrike access on your mobile device using a custom pin code, fingerprint, or facial recognition (for iPhone X).

Additional app updates

We’ve made some additional improvements to both Android and iOS apps so you can work more efficiently on the go. Here’s a list of new or improved capabilities on each application:


Wrike for Android

  • New Kanban board view
  • New Gantt view
  • Enhanced Proofing and Approvals with new markups and PDF review
  • Table view in Reports

Wrike for iOS

  • Submit request forms
  • Table view in Reports
  • View custom fields in tasks/projects/folders

Don’t take our word for it — test it out yourself!

Fellow managers, remote workers, and regular travelers of the workforce: This one's for you. Maintain peace of mind, ensure visibility, and track important work no matter where you are.

Take advantage of the Wrike app’s redesigned user interface and work from home tools to work seamlessly from anywhere, with or without internet. Working on the go has never been this easy!

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