Today is Friday the 13th, the subject of many an old school superstition and many a horror movie. If you're stuck in the office today feeling terribly unproductive and a tad superstitious as to why, then we're here with the Work Management roundup to turn your horrible day into a day for productivity education. Read on for more inspiration!

The Superfoods That Are Actually Superfoods (Medium): Are there foods that can really help you focus on your work right now? Yes! Dave Asprey lays out some “super cognitive foods,” which include butter, coffee, vanilla, and chocolate and explains how non-inflammatory foods help you. (This is not an excuse to stock up on peanut butter M&Ms!)

Things You Can Do to Grow More Brain Cells (Lifehacker): On the subject of brain enhancement: a recent TED video by neuroscientist Sandrine Thuret explains how our brains can grow new cells through activities such as learning and running.

Spend More Time Managing Your Time (Study Hacks): Cal Newton schools us on the need for deep thinking about your commitments. You need to block off some time in order to plan out how you will tackle your tasks this week.

10 Free (and Nearly Free) Ways to Spur Business Growth (Social Media Today): Andre Bourque lists 10 strategies that startups need to use to grow quickly and corresponding tools, most of them free.

The Buddhist Priest Who Became a Billionaire Snubbing Investors (Bloomberg): This 83-year-old billionaire Buddhist priest Kazuo Inamori built up Japanese electronics giant Kyocera, and his attitude toward investors is decidedly "un-Western". His advice: Forget investors. Instead, spend time making staff happy. In his own words: "If you want eggs, take care of the hen."

What Not to Do at a Business Lunch (Fast Company YouTube): And before you go out to eat, watch this humorous take on the business lunch and how to avoid spiraling into cringeworthy terrain..

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