Have you heard of small wins? Splitting a large project into bite-sized chunks makes the work more manageable and increases team productivity. And subtasks = small wins.

You've been patiently waiting, and now we're very excited to announce that the much-anticipated, frequently-requested subtasks are now in your workspace! Split your complex tasks and multi-step goals into actionable items to make your team more productive and organized than ever.

Instead of assigning a menagerie of people to one large task, you can now break down each responsibility into a subtask and farm out the assignments.

Say your task is to "Create a new eBook." There are a lot of hurdles to cross before you can mark that task as complete:

  • Make a subtask to "Write eBook copy" and assign it to Melissa in Marketing.
  • Assign your "Edit copy" subtask to Cate, the best Copyeditor in town.
  • Another subtask for "Design eBook layout" and assign it to Derek from Design.

Each contributor will mark their individual subtasks as complete once they've finished their part. If all subtasks have been completed, you know your eBook is almost done.

To follow your overall advancement, the subtask tab on your parent task features a progress bar that slowly fills as subtasks are completed. And for better reporting, use subtasks to track individual contributions and velocity on projects.

We've already gotten positive feedback from our customers:

"Subtasks are yet another great innovation from the Wrike team. We tested many task and collaboration tools and Wrike wins hands-down on speed, efficiency and scalability."
— MC Carter 

But there's no better way to figure it out than by trying it yourself. Go to your workspace and create your first subtask right now! The new subtasks are available for all Professional and Enterprise customers.