The marketing technology and marketing operations landscapes are shifting rapidly, as marketing departments adapt to an increasingly digital world and tech-savvy consumers. Find out the current trends, strategies, and common practices for many marketing ops and martech professionals with this collection of current statistics, to help you build your martech stack.

1. Marketing Operations Statistics

64% of marketing operations teams have 10 or fewer members. (Source:

83% of marketing ops teams report to the most senior marketing leader (CMO). (Source:

Most-Desirable Skills in Marketing Ops Professionals:
-General marketing skills
-Analytics skills
-Project management skills
-IT skills
-Change management skills
-Lead management experience

91% of B2B marketers use content marketing, but only 36% believe they're effective at it. (Source: Webbiquity)

73% of B2B marketers use video in their content marketing. (Source: Business2Community)

SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads have a 1.7% close rate. (Source: Hubspot)

Search Engine Marketing will continue to get the largest share of resources, at 14% of total marketing budgets. 10% of the budget will go to online display advertising, like banner ads and re-marketing/re-targeting campaigns. (Source: Business2Community)

60% of B2B marketers measure success by web traffic rather than sales lead quality or social media sharing. (Source: Business2Community)

Many marketing organizations say managing data is their biggest challenge: data storage (36%), data quality (23%), and making data actionable (15%). (Source: The Wise Marketer)

84% of top-performing companies are currently using or plan to start using marketing automation by 2015. (Source: Business2Community)

Yet only 5% of all marketers are currently using a full-featured marketing automation solution. (Source: Hubspot)

Of companies using marketing automation and ROI metrics, 69% report an increase in total marketing revenue contribution. (Source:

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2. Marketing Technology Statistics

Scott Brinker's 2015 marketing technology landscape includes 1,876 companies in 43 categories. The landscape has seen year-over-year growth of 170%. (Source:

65% of marketing executives plan to spend more money on marketing technology in the coming year, including 28% who plan to increase spending by more than 25%. (Source: Conductor)

51% of marketing execs say that their marketing technologies are only loosely integrated or not at all. (Source:

76% of marketers say that analyzing performance data has made either "more" or "much more" of an impact on their decision making. (Source:

Only 7% of those in a martech role have "marketing technologist" in their title. Marketing, business, and technology titles dominate. (Source:

43% of marketing technologists come from a technical/programming background. 33% come from a marketing/communications background. (Source:

Top 5 Skills for Future Marketing Success:
1. Marketing Strategy and Positioning 62%
2. Target Market Identification 44%
3. Web design (including responsive and adaptive) 43%
4. CRM systems and platforms 43%
5. Ability to persuade and negotiate 42%

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