Please note: As of July 1, 2021, the features and functionality referenced in this blog post may no longer be packaged as described below. Don’t worry, our award-winning software still contains all the same capabilities we’re known for. Check out our pricing page or contact our sales team for more information.

Recognizable, consistent branding appears effortless. No one thinks about mile-long brand guidelines or dozens of review cycles when they buy and use products from well-known brands like Apple or HubSpot. 

But marketers and creatives know: Maintaining brand integrity across channels and campaigns is much harder than it looks. And companies operating at scale need to deliver as quickly as possible – without sacrificing quality.

Wrike for marketers helps leading brands and creators of brands like Ogilvy deliver amazing, on-brand marketing and creative work faster than ever. Tools like Wrike Publish, Wrike Proof, and the Adobe Creative Cloud Extension make it easy for teams to create, review, approve, and use on-brand digital assets at scale.

We’re excited to announce two updates to our Wrike for Marketers’ platform that further support marketers and creatives in their quest to deliver amazing branded campaigns: Side-by-Side Comparison in Wrike Proof and Wrike Publish for Bynder.

Side-by-Side Comparison

Wrike Proof has made it easier than ever to collaborate around and provide feedback on digital files via visual markup. But sometimes changes need to be carried from one asset to another, different versions must be compared, or stakeholders want to confirm their feedback has been incorporated from one file to the next. 

More Tools for Marketers to Love - Introducing Side-by-Side Comparison & Wrike Publish for Bynder 4

Switching between tabs is time-consuming and takes away from time better spent creating net new assets. Not to mention, the process is painful and error-prone.

With the addition of Side-by-Side Comparison to Wrike Proof, pinpointing changes and confirming feedback is actioned from one version to the next is a snap. Visually mark up and compare images, videos, PDFs, Word documents, and PowerPoint presentations. All comments and markup remain visible for fast and easy reference.

Wrike Publish for Bynder

More Tools for Marketers to Love - Introducing Side-by-Side Comparison & Wrike Publish for Bynder 2

Workers spend an average of 2.5 hours per day looking for up-to-date files — costing companies upwards of $2.5 million in lost productivity a year. Not to mention, without a central repository for teams to store and access brand assets, outdated materials slip through the cracks, and creatives get swamped by requests for files that already exist.

Wrike Publish addresses these issues by integrating directly with leading digital asset management (DAM) providers to put the right files at your team’s fingertips. We’re excited to continue to grow our Wrike Publish integration ecosystem by partnering with Bynder!

More Tools for Marketers to Love - Introducing Side-by-Side Comparison & Wrike Publish for Bynder 3

Now, Wrike Publish lets you attach digital assets from Bynder to Wrike projects and tasks, as well as publish approved assets in Wrike to Bynder. Save time switching between tools, quickly build on-brand campaigns with pre-approved assets, and keep files and project details centralized in Wrike.

The Wrike Publish integration with Bynder also helps keep files organized and searchable by automatically mapping Wrike custom fields to Bynder metadata. Save teams the time-consuming task of metadata creation and let Wrike do it for you!

Ready to give these features a whirl?

Building a beloved, world-class brand is hard, but Wrike makes it easier. With tools like Side-by-Side Comparison and Wrike Publish for Bynder, teams can focus on creating new, innovative assets while streamlining version control, file accessibility, and other time-consuming tasks.

These updates are available for existing Wrike for Marketers customers, as well as those with the Wrike Proof and Wrike Publish add-ons. Have assets waiting for review? Log in to your Wrike account now to try a side-by-side comparison! If you’re an existing Bynder customer, connect Wrike and Bynder now

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