Goodbye to the habitual 5-step process of collaborative file editing! The tiresome “download-open-edit-save-upload” routine has had its day. Today, Wrike project management software breaks the last barrier to seamless document collaboration by letting you edit your MS Office and Open Office files online without downloading them.

Removing the “download” and “upload” steps from the file editing procedure, Wrike makes it incredibly easy for you and your team to update files attached to tasks. You can see it for yourself!  The next time you need to update an MS Office or Open Office file attached to a task in Wrike, just click on it, and it immediately opens without downloading to your computer. The file opens in the appropriate program, be it MS Office or Open Office, depending on which one you use. When you are done with editing, save changes and close your file. That’s it - the new version is automatically created! Your freshly updated document instantly appears right at the top of the file versions list. All the previous versions are also conveniently stored in Wrike, so you can easily track the history of changes by downloading a particular file version when needed.

The new light-weight editing process saves you dozens of precious seconds and clicks and helps you overcome many challenges of unsynchronized communications in project management. Now all these pesky fails — like “I didn’t receive it” or “Which one is the final version?” — become obsolete. Your team members always stay on the same page as they effortlessly get access to the latest available file version.

This fantastic new feature lets you combine the convenience of editing your documents in the familiar MS Office program with opportunities for storing and sharing your docs in the cloud.  Whether you are in the office, on a business trip or working from home, your files are always at your fingertips.

We literally fell in love with this new way of editing documents online, so we decided to make a grand tutorial video leading you through the main steps of updating documents. But this new feature is just so easy and intuitive that the video is only a couple of minutes long. Enjoy!