Collaborating on documents in Wrike is already a breeze and today it just got better. With Wrike you can simultaneously edit text with your colleagues in real time, track changes, manage file versions, and our handy document editor lets you edit documents without downloading them - saving you time and space. Now we've added the ability to annotate and edit PDF files and images as well. Reviews just got faster and easier. Say goodbye to version control issues.

Watch this short video to see the new document editor in action:

Whether you're part of marketing team preparing visuals for a new campaign, design agency uploading new mockups, or simply reviewing and providing feedback on team's documents, this update will save you time and cut out unnecessary steps. Instantly open images and PDFs, add your comments and hit save to automatically create a new version which is auto-attached to your task in Wrike.


Install the latest version of the document editor from your Wrike workspace now and accelerate your review process.

*Wrike's document editor will open files using the default program for such files on your computer. Editing capabilities depend on your default program.