davorao @wrike thanks will do, impressed by happy customer list:)

Jax456 @wrike  looks really good and may be an option for us. Thanks!

Harshanandswami Wrike is awesome. Excellent file and task management with an email notification system. I'm Loving it https://www.wrike.com/

TelecomSolution Wrike Launches Project Management App for Yahoo Users https://bit.ly/14jeM0

PMExamTips Follow Friday: @wrike - Excellent project management tool. We use it to our satisfaction!

lmsergio @wrike love Wrike's service.  Most of my team has now implemented.  Truly need, however, a dedicated iPhone app.

UpbeatNow @charanjit Please try https://www.wrike.com

dawnkelly Getting even more organised by teaching myself Wrike's Project Management Software. www.wrike.com

dcrosby Just started using https://www.wrike.com project management software.  Awesome!

bionicturtle bionicturtle *hearts* wrike...my colleague harsh love its features. I like b/c teaches me to think in terms of tasks not folders

rdevarona Wrike is on the short list.

lmsergio : #GTD. I've tried many solutions and love Evernote, Toodledo (iPhone & web), and Wrike for corporate collab (waiting on their iPhone app)

Paulatemple: Piloting Wrike as an online project management collaborative solution... can I really become THAT organised... wow!