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davorao @wrike thanks will do, impressed by happy customer list:)

Jax456 @wrike  looks really good and may be an option for us. Thanks!

Harshanandswami Wrike is awesome. Excellent file and task management with an email notification system. I'm Loving it

TelecomSolution Wrike Launches Project Management App for Yahoo Users

PMExamTips Follow Friday: @wrike - Excellent project management tool. We use it to our satisfaction!

lmsergio @wrike love Wrike's service.  Most of my team has now implemented.  Truly need, however, a dedicated iPhone app.

UpbeatNow @charanjit Please try

dawnkelly Getting even more organised by teaching myself Wrike's Project Management Software.

dcrosby Just started using project management software.  Awesome!

bionicturtle bionicturtle *hearts* colleague harsh love its features. I like b/c teaches me to think in terms of tasks not folders

rdevarona Wrike is on the short list.

lmsergio : #GTD. I've tried many solutions and love Evernote, Toodledo (iPhone & web), and Wrike for corporate collab (waiting on their iPhone app)

Paulatemple: Piloting Wrike as an online project management collaborative solution... can I really become THAT organised... wow!

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