9 Podcasts for Project Managers On the Go

When it comes to furthering your professional development while on the go, project management podcasts are a practical way to develop skills and learn essential techniques. While even the best project management podcast is no replacement for real-world experience, getting free insights from leading project management professionals can be extremely valuable. 

If you are a project manager, chances are you have too much on your plate to dedicate further time to seminars, certifications, and other ways of upskilling. But failing to keep up with the latest trends and sparing no time for your professional development can take a toll on your career as a project manager

This is where project management podcasts can help. These are audio conversations, interviews, and lessons on important topics that you can easily squeeze into your schedule. Listen to them while you are cooking, doing household chores, or even commuting for work. 

One recent survey found that 82% of people who listen to podcasts listen at home, 58% listen in their cars, and 41% listen while strolling — meaning that this popular form of media and information can fit nicely into your everyday routine.

Project Management Podcasts: The latest strategies and tips for busy project managers. (Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash)

The 9 Best Project Management Podcasts

If you are a project manager, podcasts can be a gold mine of resourceful knowledge and management tips from experts. The lessons you take away from these podcasts can give you essential skills relating to client management, risk management, and leadership.

To help you get started, we have rounded up some of the best project management podcasts that every project manager should listen to. 

1. The Project Management Podcast

Hosted by Cornelius Fichtner, this project management podcast is great for both beginners and experts. It features more than 400 episodes about PM-related subjects, providing an in-depth program that offers success strategies for small businesses. 

You’ll learn practical project management tips and strategies from knowledgeable professionals interviewed every week.

Moreover, if you are a PMP exam candidate, this podcast can be the perfect preparation guide. Even if you are not, The Project Management Podcast is a good place to start learning all about it because PMP certificate holders earn 23% higher salaries than those without PMP certification

2. 5 Minutes Project Management Podcast With Ricardo Vargas

Ricardo Vargas, the host of 5 Minutes Project Management Podcast, is an expert on leadership, project management strategies, and project risk assessment. The show is only 5 minutes long, so you can easily squeeze it into your productivity hours.

The 5 PM Podcast has more than 400 episodes based on various topics related to project management and crisis management. Also, if you are a PMI certified professional holding certificates in CAPM or PMP, you can utilize these episodes to earn Professional Development Units (PDUs).

3. Projectified Podcast 

This is the official podcast of the acclaimed Project Management Institute that combines the latest trends in the project management world with strategic solutions for project managers. 

The podcast releases two episodes each month and relays firsthand information on rising start-ups, business leaders, and project managers who share their insights and experience with the audience.

This podcast can be a great chance to develop the skills needed for leading confident project management initiatives while leveraging the expertise of your entire team.

4. Project Management Paradise

Hosted by Richard Fitzpatrick, Project Management Paradise has more than 100 episodes that share insights and expertise from project management giants located all over the world.

The interviews are mostly centered on project management methods, time management, organizational leadership, project management tools, and software. 

A recent survey suggests that the top challenges in the industry are inexperienced project managers, too many projects running in parallel, or a lack of project funding. The Project Management Paradise Podcast offers comprehensive guidance of the most effective solutions to issues to these problems.

5. People And Projects Podcast

People and Projects podcast hosted by Andy Kaufman features more than 250 episodes featuring interviews of influencers from the world of project management. These experts are highly experienced mentors, trainers, and speakers who discuss various methods and initiatives revolving around project management.

The insights of these various experts will help you learn about project management from multiple perspectives so that you can devise your own strategic methods.

6. Project Management Happy Hour

This project management podcast is hosted by Kim Essendrup, a PMP certified project manager, and Kate Anderson, a project manager with over 10 years of experience. 

It features more than 50 episodes — each covering a specific problem explained through suitable examples and offering real-time advice on project management. Apart from this, Project Management Happy Hour also enables you to earn PDUs through quizzes and tests. 

7. The Digital Project Managers Podcast

The Digital Project Manager is a resourceful podcasting channel filled with tutorials, guides, tips, insights, and articles on project management. 

Each episode lasts for over 30 minutes and discusses the hottest topics in the field of project management.

It is one of the best project management podcast out there and is hosted by Ben Aston who conducts concise yet considerate interviews of thought leaders.

8. Manage This Podcast

This project management podcast is hosted by Andy Crowe and Bill Yates, who possess in-depth knowledge of best practices and day-to-day project operations.

The show taps into the expertise of industry leaders who guide and empower you to deploy effective project management strategies.

Moreover, this podcast also offers essential information on project management certifications and how you can breeze through them successfully.

9. The Biker PM

Host Anthoney Pavelich conducts discussions on the struggles and success stories of small businesses and entrepreneurs when it comes to project management. 

The Biker PM Podcast is centered around interviews of entrepreneurs and business managers who discuss the opportunities and failures they experienced on the road to becoming a successful leader.

This podcast will help you to learn how you can replicate their charisma along with the right approach to become an effective project manager. 

Podcasts are a time-efficient resource you can leverage today to learn all about emerging trends in project management

Feel free to share your favorite project management podcast with us if we didn’t include it in our round-up. For further information or tips on project management, you can get in touch with us and try a free two-week trial.  

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