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Podcast Planning Template

Plan your entire podcast season with Wrike’s podcast format template.
#podcast planning template
#podcast format template
#podcast planning worksheet

Plan, record, and promote engaging podcasts

Are you struggling to keep track of your podcast schedule? Want to get a better handle on your post-production promotional activities? Successful podcasts require thoughtful planning and continual management. However, issues often occur with the following activities:

  • Guest scheduling 
  • Assigning podcast publication dates 
  • Tracking metrics 

Avoid potential obstacles with the podcast planning template from Wrike.

  • Stay on top of the podcast planning, recording, post-production, and promotion phases throughout your podcast season
  • Accurately tag podcasts to sort them by topic or season
  • View overall podcast metrics at a glance or drill into each episode’s results

Why you need this podcast planning template

<h5>Create a storage hub</h5>
Create a storage hub

With the Wrike podcast planning template, you can keep track of all your podcast ideas and associated research so you can be ready to record and promote your podcasts.

<h5>Eliminate production chaos</h5>
Eliminate production chaos

Use this Wrike template as a podcast planning worksheet so you can progress your podcast episodes through the various phases of production.

<h5>Hit publication deadlines</h5>
Hit publication deadlines

Wrike’s podcast format template allows you to clearly outline and assign tasks to individual team members to create accountability and drive your podcast episodes toward launch.

<p>Delight your listeners</p>

Delight your listeners

<p>Delight your listeners</p>

How to use the podcast planning template in Wrike

Are you struggling to organize your podcast ideas? Is your podcast recording schedule chaotic? Are you missing deadlines or failing to promote your podcast to potential audiences? 

Wrike’s podcast planning template creates a single location to manage every detail of your podcast season, allowing you to focus on creating engaging episodes for your listeners.

Podcasts provide an excellent opportunity to engage with customers, clients, or followers. But creating a successful podcast requires researching and planning, managing guest schedules, post-production editing, and promotional activities. 

This podcast planning template helps you streamline all of your podcast details and creates a system for managing the podcast production process from start to finish. 

Step 1: Log your idea with a request form

Flesh out your podcast idea with a simple, pre-built request form that captures the episode topic, potential guest inclusions, and sponsorship opportunities. 

Set the podcast publication date so each of the production phases aligns with the episode launch. 

Step 2: Access the podcast planning features

Submitting the request form launches the podcast planning template, which includes 10 tasks divided into four phases. 

Choose the podcast format and research topics, create the script, record the podcast, and edit audio files before determining podcast promotion activities and publishing the episode. 

The in-built calendar can be used to schedule recording and episode launch dates, and generate episode reports by topic to get a better sense of the topics already covered. 

Step 3: Monitor podcast success with metrics

Easily monitor podcast success with the metrics dashboard, which allows you to see the number of downloads, leads, listens, and shares. 

View the metrics for each individual episode or sort episodes by topic to better understand each episode’s listener impact. Utilize the episode dashboard to see episode progress at a glance. 

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<p>Plan successful podcast episodes with Wrike</p>

Plan successful podcast episodes with Wrike

<p>Plan successful podcast episodes with Wrike</p>


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