Project Management Infographics You Have to See

You just became a project manager, or you've been in the field for a while but you're ready to learn more. These great project management infographics from sources all over the net provide interesting education for PMs and PM-wannabes. Check out all these infographics and learn something new about how to define a project.

1. Bust some project management myths you probably believe

Project-Management-Myths-Busted- infographic

Myths about remote collaboration, PM certification, paperwork, meetings, and project failure. This infographic busts 5 common myths with cold, hard facts.

See the 5 Project Management Myths Infographic.

2. Learn the basics of being a project manager

Project Management Level Legendary infographic

Ever wonder what steps are involved in each project management decision? This infographic breaks down the four important considerations for project managers: scope, resources, timeline, and budget.

See the Project Management Level: Legendary infographic on Pinterest.

3. See how to balance hard and soft skills for better project management

PM Hard Skills & Soft Skills infographic

Discover both the hard skills and the soft skills you need to be a successful project manager, complete with advice on how to improve in those areas.

See the Balance of Hard Skills & Soft Skills infographic on Pinterest.

4. Choose between different project management methodologies

Project Management Methodologies infographic

Once you're working on projects, you'll need to decide which methodology you want to adopt for your team — and Agile or Waterfall project management are not the only options. This infographic covers 16 popular PM methodologies.

See the 16 Popular Project Management Methodologies infographic.

5. Know the common causes of conflict in project management

Causes of Conflict in PM infographic

You're going to be a project manager, and you're going to have a team of people that will not always get along. It's important to be aware of the most important causes of conflict so that you know how to battle them when they rear their ugly heads.

See the Causes of Conflict in Project Management infographic on Pinterest.

6. Everything you need to know about PMOs

What is a PMO? inofgraphic

Who uses PMOs? What kind of challenges and benefits do PMOs bring to their companies? Learn all this and more in a simple infographic.

See the What is a PMO? infographic.

7. A rundown of Gantt charts

What is a Gantt chart? infographic

You keep hearing about Gantt charts, but you aren't really sure what they do or why you would use them. This infographic breaks down the history, anatomy, and benefits of Gantt charts for your project planning.

See the What is a Gantt Chart? infographic.

8. Lessons in project failure from the Death Star

PM Lessons Learned from the Death Star infographic

Projects fail. It happens. The best way to bounce back is to learn from those failures. Learn vital lessons from the management mishaps of the Death Star.

See the 10 Reasons Projects Fail: Lessons Learned from the Death Star infographic.

Which is your favorite? 

Which infographic is your favorite? Or what new infographic would you like to see us create? Let us know in the comments.