New Navigation Header in Wrike to Simplify Your Task List

When you were a new Wrike user, did you ever struggle to figure out what each of those menu icons were at the top of your workspace?  We figured there was room for improvement, especially with such fundamental features as navigation and search. So, we put a lot of thought into simplifying how you get around in Wrike.

Today, we're launching the new Task List navigation header in your Wrike workspace. It's a more intuitive way to work, with functions organized in a simpler manner, so you and your team can be more efficient in Wrike.

What's Changed in the Navigation Header?

1. Search is now at the top of every page:

With the Search bar now at the top of the workspace, you have one fixed place to begin every search. This gives you the ability to search globally, or just within your current folder.

2. Views menu moved down into the folder & project header:

With View Selectors moved down into the folder/project panel, it's quicker to find the view you want (List, Table, Timeline, Stream, etc.). Plus, it's now much clearer to see how tasks are filtered (Active, Completed, etc) and sorted (Date, Importance, etc.).

3. Descendants moved into the folder menu and relabeled as "Subfolders":

Remember the "Show Descendants" link? Most people either didn't use it or struggled to understand what it was, so we moved it out of the way. Now, on the rare occasion when you want to see ALL your tasks at one level in the List View, you can simply click on the More Options Menu (3-dot menu) to show the tasks within all the Subfolders under your currently selected folder.

4. Hover over any task to select it & enable the multi-select menu:

When you hover, the selection box appears to the left of a task, allowing you to choose multiple tasks and engage in mass editing. After you choose a single task, you can Reset your selections or Select All.

5. Simplified task card details:

The task list card focuses on the assignee, task title, and its associated folder tags. Task cards in the List View no longer preview any text from within the task description, as that tended to clutter your workspace. Task Cards still show the workflow status, the attachments icon, and due dates.

Ready to try out the new navigation header?
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