Currently Wrike gives you the opportunity to duplicate folders so you can use them as templates for projects with a similar structure. However, sometimes you only need to duplicate a single task and its accompanying subtasks instead of the entire folder. If you create recurring tasks for clients, work on series of similar tasks, or need to develop a project template from a single task, the new Duplicate task feature will save you hours on manual routine.

This new feature enables you to quickly copy all the details such as assignees, tags, duration, Timeline dependencies, descriptions, etc. in order to save time and get down to the real work.

Duplicate Past Projects Quickly

Say you need to host a series of speaking events, all using the same presentation slides but with differing logistics for each venue and different speakers from the company. You will have a basic task containing all the content and multiple subtasks detailing venue details, logistics, etc. With Duplicate tasks, you can now use the first completed event as a template for the following events, and copying the first task is as simple as point-and-click.

Right-click on the task in task list, or on the subtask in task view to duplicate it. You can choose which task details you'd like to keep for a new task.


Create Task Templates for Repeat Work

Or you can use tasks as process templates, i.e. how to report a bug to your developers, or all the steps involved in setting up a successful new ad campaign. Create a task to detail those work processes, complete with subtasks, milestones, and dependencies — all laid out on the Timeline. Descriptions of subtasks can contain instructions and important information. Assignees could either be the most relevant resource persons or appropriate team leaders. Using your template, you can easily duplicate the task to repeat the set processes any time you're faced with that type of project.

QUICK TIP: If you want to list the same task in multiple folders — hold down CTRL then drag and drop the task into the folders you choose. If you drag it to a new folder without holding down CTRL, it will move the task completely out of the original folder into the new.