When editing multiple tasks at once, the Mass Action tool is a practical timesaver. It allows you to quickly change tasks: mark them completed, set them as backlogged, tag them, move them to a different folder, reassign them, reschedule them, or delete them. And now the mass-action panel has been updated with new options to save you even more time in your day-to-day task management.

Today, we have improved the Mass Action menu to give you more options so you can batch edit tasks in one go. Taking your suggestions into consideration, we've upgraded the feature to allow you to do a few new things:

* Reschedule: You have the option to clear all dates associated with the selected tasks. You can also choose to reschedule them for today, tomorrow, this week, or next week with one click. Advanced features allow you to set the exact start/due dates, or shift the original project schedule forward or backward. You can also indicate whether or not work is done on weekends.

* Update status: Just as before, you can mark selected active tasks as completed and vice versa. And now you can also mark tasks as deferred or cancelled.

* Change assignees: You can still assign or unassign tasks from team members -- just look for "change assignees" and select or deselect the right people. There's also a neat "swap user" option so you can select several tasks that once belonged to Alex and reassign them to someone else.

* Change folders: Besides just moving a bunch of tasks to different folder, you now also can remove them from all folders at once. And all these updates also got a cool new design.

We're sure that this expanded menu of mass actions will save you precious time when juggling multiple tasks at once. Let us know in the comments how this handy update works for you!

Check out the Help Page for more details on the new Mass Action tool.