In December, we introduced the ability to add Custom Fields to folders in Wrike. We've now added three new capabilities to help you get more from Custom Fields.

1) Duplicate data from Custom Fields To make it easier to use Custom Fields in project templates, we've added an option to copy the values in custom fields when duplicating a folder.    

2) Rollup Custom Fields in summary views When viewing a parent folder, you can now display custom fields from subfolders. For example, inside your Marketing Team folder there is a subfolder for Marketing Campaigns, where you've have added a custom field called 'Priority'. When viewing the parent Marketing Team folder, you can now select to display the 'Priority' field that is part of your Marketing Campaigns child folder.

3) Join and merge fields Sometimes users will create the same custom field in different projects. Originally, when these projects were combined into one view, each of these custom fields would be shown side-by-side even though they're intended to be the same field. For example, a budget field could be added independently to three projects and when combined into one view there would be three separate fields for budget. Now:

  • If the fields have identical names, Wrike will now automatically join these fields into one, combining the data from each. If you don't want to merge these fields, you can easily undo the auto-merge. 
  • If the fields have different names (e.g. Budget, Planned budget), you can also manually merge fields into one column by highlighting each of the fields you want to merge and then selecting 'Merge field' from the column drop down menu. 
  • If there are values for the same task in both fields, none of the data will be lost. The data from the first field will be shown and you'll see an alert indicating the value from the second field and if you wish you can undo the merge or overwrite the data from the first field.

We hope these enhancements help you get even more out of your Custom Fields. Stay tuned for more improvements to Custom Fields and Table View coming soon!