The following year will prove to be a critical time for marketing teams as they look to re-engage with their core customers in a post-pandemic world. To do so successfully, however, teams will have to choose whether to go fully remote, stay in-office, or develop a hybrid work environment. Furthermore, teams will have to do more with less and leverage key technologies to keep up with the ongoing digital transformation of business. 

To address these issues, Wrike recently held a Reuters Workshop roundtable to discuss how marketing leaders from organizations like Hallmark, Carmax, and others are preparing for the future of work. We’ve collected some valuable insights on the problems they’ve encountered so far and the solutions they’re exploring to address upcoming marketing trends.


Hallmark is seeing exponential growth at the moment due to moving towards an omnichannel brand from a primarily retail brand. However, a spokesperson noted that the key to navigating this growth comes down to staying organized – something new technology like work management solutions can facilitate. They also supported the continuation of remote work, as the removal of time-wasting commutes and other in-person obligations opens the door to better creativity and uninterrupted workflow. 


A spokesperson from Carmax had been a proponent of remote work for years but hasn’t been able to support that aspiration fully until now. They are prioritizing building out a design team and work platform this year. To achieve their ambitious goals, they are looking to integrate an enterprise-level design system capable of maintaining consistency with their visual brand communications and promoting efficiency across their distributed product design and engineering teams.

Prepare to hit the ground running

In our Reuters Workshop, we sat down and talked with some of the best and well-prepared leaders about the marketing trends of the future. However, over a third of them expressed doubts that they'd achieve their 2021 growth goals, and stated that their martech stacks failed to meet the needs of their team. 

Taking advantage of and leveraging the right technologies will become key to succeeding in the new age of digital collaboration. If you’re looking to uplevel your own teams and processes in preparation for a post-COVID era, start a free Wrike trial today.