The marketing landscape is continuously evolving, bringing with it a complexity in campaign creation that demands adept management and organization.  

This challenge has brought to the forefront the need to be more organized — both in the planning and execution of campaigns, as well as the need for an organized solution to store source, WIP, and final digital files.  

Standalone project management (PM) and digital asset management (DAM) systems have become indispensable tools for managing, scaling, and streamlining project management and creative processes.  

But when they’re integrated to work together, PM tools like Wrike and DAM systems like MediaValet can revolutionize modern campaign creation. 

Integrating these platforms can help to connect assets and workflows to improve efficiency and communication across teams and enhance and accelerate the creative process.  

Lets explore how this integration can impact brand value and optimize content creation for market readiness. 

We’ll cover: 

  • Integrating DAM and PM to enhance asset and workflow connection 
  • How to leverage PM and DAM for brand value 
  • How Monumental Sports & Entertainment optimized content for market readiness with MediaValet and Wrike  

Integrating PM and DAM to enhance asset and workflow connection 

The integration of a MediaValet DAM with PM platforms like Wrike creates a synergy that significantly enhances overall project management efficiency, especially campaign creation. 

Integrating these tools can lead to more efficient project workflows and successful campaign outcomes, improving team communication and collaboration, and enhancing creative processes. 

wrike mediavalet integration

Efficient project workflows and successful campaign outcomes 

By integrating DAM with PM, organizations can streamline their workflows. Assets are easily accessible, and project stages are efficiently managed, reducing the time spent on administrative tasks and allowing more focus on strategic initiatives. This integration ensures that all team members are on the same page, with real-time updates and access to the latest assets, thereby reducing miscommunication and errors. 

Improved team communication and collaboration 

The integration fosters a collaborative environment where team members can work in a more coordinated manner. With access to updated assets and project timelines, teams can avoid the pitfalls of working in silos, ensuring that everyone contributes to the projects success. 

Enhancement of creative processes 

Creatives can spend less time searching for assets and more on innovation and creativity. This streamlined process not only saves time but also enhances the quality of the creative output, leading to more effective and engaging campaigns.  

Why DAM and PM integration matters for brand value 

Leveraging digital asset management for brand value 

Digital asset management systems like MediaValet play a crucial role in enhancing brand assets by ensuring they are effectively stored, managed, and shared. This has a significant impact on brand perception and value, as well-organized assets are easier to use and maintain brand consistency across various platforms and campaigns. 

  • Efficient asset searching and retrieval: Advanced searching capabilities of DAM systems save valuable time and resources. Quick and accurate asset retrieval ensures that marketing and creative teams can focus more on creating impactful content rather than spending time locating assets. This efficiency contributes to a more dynamic and responsive brand presence in the market.  
  • With features like face recognition, AI, advanced search, and audiovisual intelligence (AVI), MediaValet makes finding the right assets quick and easy, enhancing productivity.  

wrike mediavalet integration

  • Controlled asset versioning and history: Version control is vital for ensuring that all brand materials are current and consistent. DAM systems track changes and provide the ability to revert to previous versions, ensuring that the brand’s messaging remains coherent and accurate. This control is crucial for maintaining the integrity and reliability of the brand. 
  • Bonus: Analytics for data-backed decisions: MediaValet offers analytics and reporting dashboards that help in making informed decisions around assets and their usage, enabling organizations to track effectiveness. 

Leveraging PM for brand value 

Project management tools like Wrike are not just facilitators of organization and efficiency; they are pivotal in enhancing and maintaining the value of a brand. Wrike, as a leading project management tool, plays a significant role in this aspect. Lets delve into how Wrike enhances brand assets and, consequently, brand value. 

  • Enhanced collaboration and consistency: A critical challenge in maintaining brand value is ensuring consistency across various teams and departments. Enabling teams to work together efficiently, regardless of their physical location, is crucial for ensuring that every piece of content, be it for marketing, sales, or customer service, aligns with the brands messaging and aesthetics. Consistent brand representation strengthens brand recognition and loyalty among consumers.  
  • Wrike enhances collaboration with features like cross-tagging and internal and guest approvals, helping to streamline the review and approval processes, and ensuring that all brand materials are consistent and meet quality standards before release.  

invite to review

  • Streamlined brand asset creation: Providing a centralized platform for teams to communicate helps to streamline the creation of their brand assets, for all project-related files and documents, and ensures that the latest versions of brand assets are easily accessible to all team members. This can reduce the risk of outdated or inconsistent brand materials being used, thereby maintaining brand integrity across all channels and touchpoints. 
  • Features like effort management and time tracking enable efficient allocation and utilization of resources and help to balance workloads and maintain the quality of brand outputs. 
  • Bonus: Work management views: Wrike offers multiple views like Calendar, Board, Table, and Gantt Chart to aid in visualizing work schedules, tracking project progress, and aligning tasks with important milestones, keeping projects on track and consistent with the brand’s standards and timelines. 

Screenshot of the Files column in Wrike's Table view

Optimizing content creation for market readiness with Monumental Sports & Entertainment 

Using MediaValet and Wrike: Monumental Sports and Entertainment (MSE) 

MSE implemented MediaValet and Wrike to manage brand assets and optimize operations. This strategic move streamlined the workflow from creative requests to final file publication, thereby significantly enhancing efficiency. 

Prior to implementing MediaValet, the organization’s creative assets were kept on cloud storage servers and shared and local drives. There wasn’t one central location or person in charge of the documents, graphics, or marketing materials for all 12 of MSE’s properties. 

The Monumental Design team had a standard request process in place, which, when used, simply wasn’t meeting their needs.  

Streamlined collaboration and brand consistency 

Improving the workflow between the creative and the marketing teams was essential; the organization was wasting precious time and resources trying to both request assets and maintain consistency.  

Since integrating Wrike and MediaValet, MSE has standardized operating processes and maintained a clear, easy way for clients to submit requests for creative to be completed and final, approved content to be published.  

The marketing teams requests for new creatives are processed through Wrike and then published directly to MediaValet. This integration has simplified the access and distribution of materials, ensuring that all approved materials and packages are readily available and on brand. 

Why MSE loves the integration 

Being able to publish completed assets directly to MediaValet from within Wrike has saved MSE time and enabled a more efficient method for sharing approved assets. Now, the teams are completing creative work in a much timelier manner. 

The best part — they’ve even saved money from these streamlined workflows. 

“Being able to set up the entire workflow [with Wrike and MediaValet] ... has most certainly saved us time and money.”
Lori Meyers, Manager of Digital Assets at Monumental Sports & Entertainment

Ultimately, seamlessly connecting assets to workflows by integrating PM and DAM has tangible benefits: time and cost savings, improved efficiency, and streamlined operations. 

Looking ahead, advancements in PM and DAM are expected to further revolutionize and accelerate campaign management. These advancements promise even greater efficiency, more innovative features, and enhanced usability, paving the way for more sophisticated and successful marketing campaigns. 

The integration of PM and DAM is a strategic imperative in todays fast-paced marketing world. Organizations that embrace these integrations position themselves for efficient, scalable, and successful campaign management.  

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, staying ahead of the curve with these integrations will be key to achieving marketing success. 

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