You live in Wrike and your Sales team lives in Salesforce, but you still need to work together. Now, you can collaborate without having to jump back and forth between tools or bombard each other with email. Today we're announcing our integration with Salesforce to help you manage your customers and your tasks all in one view.

Wrike's Salesforce integration makes collaboration between Salesforce users and other teams in your company faster, easier, and more accountable. Salesforce users can create and assign new Wrike tasks directly from Salesforce, and also check the latest status of all tasks you've associated with your Salesforce pages.

Meanwhile, you can work in Wrike and any changes you make are instantly reflected in Salesforce. This eliminates time spent reiterating information in Salesforce and Wrike, avoids dropped handoffs, and saves you from toggling between systems.

Wrike’s Salesforce Integration lets you:

  • Add a Wrike Tasks module to any record type in Salesforce such as Leads, Opportunities, or Cases
  • Create and view Wrike tasks without leaving Salesforce
  • Instantly reflect in Salesforce any changes made in Wrike


edit Wrike task in Salesforce

How might you apply this to your team?

Here are some common use cases, but of course these are just a few of many:

1) Implementation teams – Often winning a new deal is just the beginning. For teams who work on post-sale implementation projects, client consulting engagements, or other fulfillment work, managing these projects in Wrike is easier and more effective. Now these projects can be linked to the client records in Salesforce for quick and easy reference by your account teams.

2) Marketing teams – You support Sales with campaigns, pitch materials, and competitive analysis. Now Sales reps can submit requests as a Wrike task directly from Salesforce — forget about emailing! You can easily communicate and share files directly from Wrike, and you have a full record of all the support you’ve provided Sales to quickly report on the impact of your work.


3) IT help desk – The Salesforce integration isn’t limited just to Sales teams, it works with any Salesforce Object. Let’s say your IT Help Desk uses Salesforce Cases to track tickets such as lost computers, network issues, and new employee setup. Now you can easily manage any tasks or projects related to these cases in Wrike while keeping Salesforce as your record system for cases.

Getting started:

Salesforce Integration is available to Wrike Enterprise accounts. Ready to give it a try? If you're on Wrike Enterprise, contact our Support team for the installation package.

If you’re not on Wrike Enterprise, start a free trial and then contact our Support team and ask for the Salesforce Integration to try it out.

Any other questions? Reach out to our Support team! They're standing by and ready to help.

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