Keeping track of all the work being done for your customers can be a challenge when many of your teams (like Legal, Marketing, and Professional Services) don’t work in Salesforce. When this happens, work gets dropped and customers get upset. Today, we're excited to announce Wrike’s new Salesforce Project Templates to make collaboration between sales and cross-functional teams smoother, so you can make customers happier. Watch this short video to see how they work:

How it works:

You can now link project templates in Wrike to Salesforce, which will provide a menu of project choices for your sales reps. For example, you could create a template for post-sale implementations, and when an account executive closes a new deal they can select that package from the menu in Salesforce. When they do, your implementation team will immediately see the new project in Wrike and get notifications, so they can get started right way. Project Templates are great for any team that frequently works with your sales team. Instead of starting every similar project from scratch, Wrike will automatically set up the project and schedule the tasks based on when you say work needs to start or finish. Here are some common examples of how customers are using templates: Professional Services Your implementation team might have several standard packages. For instance, at Wrike we have Gold, Silver, and Platinum packages. Create templates for each of them so the sales team can quickly pick the right project template after closing a deal. Legal review Create a template for legal reviews so your legal team can keep all comments, discussions, and versions together in Wrike and linked to the customer record in Salesforce. Demo requests Make it easy for your sales team to schedule a sales engineer for a demo by creating demo templates. Marketing support Create templates for different types of marketing materials you provide to customers (emails, hand-outs, manuals, etc.) and keep track of the support you provided.

Getting started:

The Wrike Salesforce Integration is available to all Wrike Enterprise accounts. If you're a Wrike Enterprise customer you can install the integration from your apps and integration page. You will need a Salesforce Administrator to install the integration. Once you've installed the integration, linking templates to Salesforce only takes a minute. Click here for instructions on how to setup templates in Salesforce. If you’re not a Wrike Enterprise customer start a Free Trial today and give it a try. Any other questions? Reach out to our Support Team! They’re standing by and ready to help.