Remember Dashboard widgets — those highly customizable boxes that help you pre-define any task category and stay on top of these tasks in real time? The new handy update now allows you to make your dashboard truly graphic: meet the recently released Analytics widgets for your Dashboard!

Now you can add Analytics reports to your Dashboard, giving you up-to-the-minute charts and infographics tracking project progress and overall team performance. This is extremely useful for project managers wanting to keep tabs on project performance via baseline or performance charts, and even individual team members wanting to monitor personal performance via work progress charts.

Add Analytics to Wrike Dashboard

How to Get Analytics Widgets:

  1. From the Analytics tab, choose the report you want to view.
  2. Click on the upper right corner of that report for the drop down option: Add to Dashboard.
  3. Go to Dashboard and view your infographic in action.

4 Kinds of Analytics Reports You Can Widgetize:

Here’s an easy guide to help you understand the type of reports available.

  1. Performance Chart: shows you the ratio of planned and completed tasks and how far ahead or behind you are on that plan, based on your tasks. Especially useful for project managers.
  2. Baseline Chart: compares actual project progress to the original plan. A staple for project managers everywhere.
  3. Work Progress Chart: tracks the performance of your team members. Useful to both project managers and individual team members interested in monitoring personal progress.
  4. Tasks by Users (new!): tracks the volume of tasks for individual team members. See exactly how many active, backlogged, or overdue tasks they have on their plate in comparison to their teammates.

How are these new widgets helping you be more productive? Let us know in comments!