Are you always working late into the night? Or pushing yourself to work hard because you want constant recognition by coworkers? Is it all to the detriment of your personal relationships? If so, you just might be a workaholic. Psychology Today calls workaholism "a soul-destroying addiction that changes people's personality and the values they live by." Here at Wrike, we call it the disease of the "working dead."

Because we don't want you to roam the office hallways with carpal tunnel syndrome, glassy eyes, and moaning "brainsss," we put together this quick quiz to help you discover if you are on the road to becoming a workaholic. Find out now, and pump the breaks if you're going down the wrong path!

How to Find Out If You're a Workaholic (#Infographic)

Share this infographic quiz with your coworkers who are teetering on the edge of workaholism. And use this embed code if you want to share it on your blog:



If you prefer not to manually total your score, then take our interactive version of the quiz to get your results quickly:



Working Too Hard? Maybe You Just Need Lunch

If you feel you're on track to becoming a full-fledged workaholic, you may want to take one small step toward making a change in your life.

Here's one tip: actually use your lunch hour. And no, eating at your desk doesn't count (we're onto you!) Go out, grab a bite, enjoy a walk, and don't check your work messages for a solid 20-30 minutes.

Workaholic instincts making you wary of stepping away from your desk for that long? This blog post explains why you need to give yourself a real break during the workday: 7 Reasons to Bring Back the Lunch Break.