You read our How to Set Up GTD Using Wrike post. You've been following the conversation around our interview with David Allen, father of GTD. Still can't sate your thirst for everything related to the popular "Getting Things Done®" productivity process?

We don't blame you. GTD is a great method for organizing everything on your mind so that you can stop worrying about "what's next?" and focus your energy on completing work.

A New GTD Guide

Our productivity coach, Errette Dunn, created a step-by-step guide for setting up Wrike to help you implement your favorite productivity process. It introduces the GTD methodology, discusses the three key principles, and outlines the exact process for taking your project from concept to completion within Wrike.

Our "Get Things Done with Wrike" eBook is now available as a FREE download.

Share it with your productivity-loving co-workers so they can improve their workflow as well.

Did you know...? GTD and Teams

David Allen says that GTD is not something you can just apply to teams. Instead, it is a process and a mindset that you must teach to the individuals of a team in order to facilitate a more productive organization.

If you want to improve your team's results, try out "Getting Things Done" and Wrike. Download our free GTD+Wrike eBook, and if you still aren't using our productivity-enhancing tool, don't wait any longer — you can start your own free Wrike trial today.