Wrike continues to build on its Enterprise functionality, keeping the product secure and scalable for large organizations. Many of you asked us about SAML-based Single Sign-On and Okta integration, and now we're rolling it out to create a fast, easy, and secure user login experience.

Simplified Logins with SAML

As a leading industry standard, SAML lets Enterprise users log in to Wrike (or any other cloud app) using their existing corporate credentials. New users will save time creating and activating their accounts, and have fewer passwords to remember. (Hooray for fewer post-it note reminders and "Please reset your password" emails!)

With SAML, setting up an Enterprise account is a breeze no matter how big your team is, since it cuts the time you’d normally spend creating huge groups of new users. In addition, SAML further improves the security of your login credentials, since IT administrators can manage all employee info in a central corporate directory that can’t be accessed by any of the cloud services the company uses.

Single Sign-On with Okta Integration

In addition to rolling out this long-awaited Enterprise standard, Wrike also integrates with a popular SSO provider Okta.

If your company uses Active Directory or LDAP to authenticate corporate users, add Okta integration to the mix, and benefit from Single Sign-On to Wrike and across all other web applications. Okta is an identity management service that integrates with corporate directories, as well as on-site, cloud-based and mobile apps. With Okta, you only have to enter your login information once and you’re signed on to all your work applications and tools, including Wrike.


If you don't have a corporate system, you can still benefit from the new smart Single Sign-On with the help of Okta. Just enter your credentials once to gain access to all your favorite cloud services without being prompted to log in at each of them.

Ask our Support team to turn on the SAML Single Sign-On for your team, or add Wrike to your account in Okta.