Life interferes with even the most perfect project plans, so sometimes you may need to adjust the team's schedule. With our recent Timeline update, you now can shift a project's deadline and all attached project tasks will be rescheduled correspondingly, saving you time on manual task-by-task changes.

To shift your project schedule, just drag the milestone while holding SHIFT. You'll see the special arrow icon indicating that you're shifting the entire dependency string. As you drag a milestone forward or backward, all dependent tasks will be rescheduled correspondingly. The changes only affect active tasks in your project, so all completed tasks will still maintain their original dates on the Timeline.

By the way, you probably noticed that tasks on the Timeline now have multiple colors. That's because we added Custom Workflows to this view as well so Enterprise customers now can quickly grasp the status of task.

This new, simple trick will save you time and keep your plans up-to-date with minimal effort.