We all have projects that reappear from time to time: similar customer contracts, feature releases, regular trade shows, etc. And when a new project with basically the same milestones starts, we all would love to have a one-click way to set it up. As so many of you voted for adding a feature for qui?k duplicating of folders in Wrike project management software, today we are excited to roll it out for you!

The template folder will be copied with its subfolders and milestones by default, but you also have the option to copy the tasks (1) with their descriptions, attachments and assignees (2).
The last checkbox (3) in the dialog lets you adjust the new project's schedule. You set the start date of the first task in the folder, and the other tasks are rescheduled accordingly. They keep the same sequence, durations and time intervals between them as in your template folder.  If you leave this box unchecked, the tasks' dates will be identical to the schedule in the original folder.
The next time your prospective client calls you to tell you've won the project, you'll set up and customize a new project in just a few minutes. Then share the plan with the client or simply e-mail them an image of the project Gantt chart – you’ll look super-efficient!
We invite you to try the power of instant folder duplication and share your experience with us! If you are looking forward to having more new, handy features, let us know about them on our feature voting portal!