You created a perfect project plan but then... one of your tasks took longer than expected, a new assignment came out of the blue, and one of the key team members took several days off for a sick child.

Don't let unexpected events frustrate you: the brand-new Critical Path analysis view addresses all these issues. Now when something gets in your team's way, you can instantly see what project schedule alterations can be made without delaying milestones or missing deadlines.


This new Enterprise feature, which was hotly requested by users, displays the longest chain of dependent tasks in your project folder on the Timeline view. This view allows you to focus on the vital string of events that must be accomplished to stay on track. Once you review your critical path, you can regroup your resources to get those main tasks done, and reschedule nonessential work that is getting in the way of hitting your project milestone date on time.

Now that Wrike possesses Critical Path, it should make the migration from MS Project even easier. Critical path analysis is a project management method that creates the shortest timeline for your project by considering the tasks required to complete the deliverable, along with time estimates for each step, task dependencies, and final milestones. This methodology helps you intelligently plan every project.


You may be wondering how to calculate critical path for your projects. To use our new feature, go to your Timeline view and tick the "Critical Path" radio button at the top of your workspace. This feature is available for Enterprise accounts.

Now that it's live in your workspace, we'd love to get your feedback on it. Hit the comments and tell us what you think!