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7 Productivity Beliefs You Should Ignore (Fast Company): The problem with a lot of the productivity advice you read online? It's never a one-size-fits-all solution. Here are 7 productivity myths that experts say we should avoid, and why.

How to Avoid the Most Costly Onboarding Mistakes (Entrepreneur): Matt Straz outlines four of the most expensive onboarding mistakes, including how to fix them in order to get the most from new hires.

5 Lessons Learned in Project Management for 2016 (Girl's Guide to PM): Elizabeth Harrin shares five hard-learned lessons from 2015 that should guide your projects into the coming year.

How Product Hunt Really Works (Medium): One entrepreneur shares his personal research into successfully launching on Product Hunt. According to him, it's not the number of votes your product gets, it's still who you know.

A Manager at Google Wrote the Perfect Email on Time Management ( An important reminder to all knowledge workers: you have to carve out deep pockets of quiet work time (aka "Make Time") on your calendar. Or else you'll be in meetings all day.

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