The best enterprise project management software goes beyond basic grocery-list functionality and offers workers unparalleled visibility, security, and collaboration in their day-to-day projects. As an enterprise, siloed work and missed opportunities to collaborate across steadily burgeoning teams should be top of mind when deciding on a project management system. When it comes to improved productivity, collaboration and visibility, you should focus on software professional services teams can all use as one.

Enterprise-sized problems need enterprise-sized solutions

There’s no doubt that larger teams can make larger waves, but with greater specialization and work focus comes greater gaps in communication and siloed work. Enterprise teams need the best and most versatile project management software available to streamline outdated processes, connect isolated workflows, and encourage better communication.

We’re proud to call over 18,000 of the world’s highest-performing businesses our customers. Each chose Wrike as their preferred project management software, and the results, well, they truly speak for themselves.

Our Best Enterprise Project Management Software Success Stories

We’ve compiled a highlight reel with some of our best project management success stories to show you how the right tool can transform your enterprise.   

Wrike helps Aerotek reduce email by 90%


When you’re the largest staffing and recruiting company in the U.S., you send a lot of email. Aerotek’s 8,000 internal employees serve more than 300,000 contract employees and 18,000 clients every year: That’s an unfathomable amount of back and forth on ongoing projects, directives, and strategy.

“We saw a lot of process, email, and phone calls and wanted to avoid booking excessive amounts of meetings or losing important things in emails,” said Matt Andrews, Marketing Campaign Manager.

“Some projects that only lasted 4 or 5 weeks had hundreds of emails, which is excessive.”

Aerotek needed a tool that could not only manage project timelines and improve collaboration, but serve as a central hub to host approvals, requests, and other dialogue. After several months of evaluation, Aerotek chose Wrike as their enterprise project management system.

Aerotek streamlined communication while maximizing output

With Wrike, Aerotek’s marketing team adhered to a new enterprise project management methodology, vastly improving campaign visibility while dramatically decreasing the number of emails sent between teams.    

They ran meetings with confidence

Before launching a campaign, Aerotek’s marketing teams would touch base to discuss the business objective, strategy, and execution plan. With Wrike, Aerotek had a model to better frame discussions and assign roles.

Some highlights from the case study:

Check out the full case study with Aerotek here

OSF Healthcare crushes creative projects 50% faster 


OSF HealthCare is an integrated health care network that has served patients with the highest quality of care since 1877. With 13 hospitals and 150 medical offices in Illinois and Michigan, the OSF HealthCare creative team was struggling with a rigid, homegrown system to manage projects.

“When we were looking for a work management solution, finding something that could really make that seamless transition from the project management system to the creative process was really important,” says Heidi Wessler, OSF Graphic Design Coordinator.

“When I saw the Wrike and Adobe integration, I was really excited we found something that could bridge that gap so well.”

Wrike took OSF HealthCare’s enterprise-sized challenges with overwhelming creative requests across 11 different marketing teams and gave them a much-needed single source of truth while integrating with their most-used tool, Adobe’s Creative Cloud ®.

OSF spends less time hunting for information, more time for quality

Creative collaboration was a headache before Wrike. Files and emails flew back and forth, causing roadblocks and stalling production. Wrike’s Dashboards allowed for a birds-eye view into projects across the creative organization.

They fast-tracked revisions and approvals

"I no longer have to adjust my PDF settings, export to desktop, start an email, attach the asset, and send it. I just click the add button in Wrike directly from within InDesign and it's out there.”

Some highlights from the case study:

  • Wrike’s Creative Cloud extension helped OSF crush creative projects 50% faster.
  • Instead of sending countless emails for each project, OSF keeps all project materials and dialogue in one place.

Check out the full case study with OSF HealthCare here

Frontline’s marketing team gets 20% more work done


Frontline Education supports over 12,000 educational organizations in their efforts to develop our next generation of learners. After a big rebrand, Frontline realized that their previous enterprise project management system didn’t cut it.

“We used another project management solution, which everyone hated,” said Sean Amster, Frontline’s Digital Strategy & Operations Manager. “It was really convoluted. Previous to that, the team used Asana. That’s when we realized we need a little bit more project management and not just task management, but the alternative was overly complicated. It’s not designed with the end user in mind.”

Frontline needed a heavyweight enterprise project management software solution with the versatility and visibility to collaborate across teams. Enter: Wrike.

One tool to rule them all

“Wrike has been able to bring finance, marketing, CS, operations, and IT all together in one system. We now have an all-in-one project management system, which has been transformational for our company.”

More projects in less time

With the largest projects to the most granular details stored in a single place, Frontline employees have a crystal clear view of their schedules, workloads, and expectations. Wrike’s flexibility allows for a confluence of work methodologies and systems to thrive across the organization.  

Some highlights from the case study:

  • While marketing was the first team to use Wrike, nearly every department at Frontline has since adopted the platform.
  • Frontline’s marketing team can now handle 80 more projects per quarter, a 20% increase in workload.

Check out the full case study with Frontline Education here

Esurance shaves 400+ emails from their inbox


Esurance Insurance Services sells auto, home, motorcycle, and renters insurance direct to consumers online and by phone. Their content production team was swamped with email while trying to juggle incoming requests, creative team project management, and front-end production.

With Wrike, Esurance could manage incoming work with custom Request Forms, track team performance with Reporting, and improve project visibility with Dashboards. With these frameworks in place, Esurance’s content production team spends less time nailing down the details of a project and more time getting things done.

Fielding requests couldn’t be easier

“Our primary request templates are the Creative Request Form and our Content Push Request Form, which is used for front-end development requests. We probably get 5 of those a week, so Wrike really helps us stay on track.” 

Performance tracking with Reporting

Wrike’s reporting helps the content production team share weekly performance insights with leadership, allowing for greater efficiency.

Some highlights from the case study:

  • Wrike helped Esurance cut 400 emails per team member.
  • Standardized Request Forms saved the content team from countless back-and-forth exchanges on project details.

Check out the full case study with Esurance here

It’s time for your enterprise to evolve your project management system

Enterprise teams need heavyweight solutions beyond basic task management. Greater visibility, tighter collaboration, and a healthier exchange of ideas can streamline enterprise bloat and help your organization better manage projects. Start your research into the right enterprise project management software with these resources: