OSF HealthCare Crushes Creative Projects 50% Faster with Wrike and Adobe Integration

Andrea Bonk

Program Manager of Market Research and Operations

Heidi Wessler

Graphic Design Coordinator

OSF HealthCare has served patients with the greatest care and love since 1877. With 13 hospitals and 150 medical offices in Illinois and Michigan, OSF provides patients with a variety of medical services.

Their story

Four-hundred creative requests a month. Eleven different marketing teams. Seven designers. One rigid, homegrown system to manage it all.

The OSF HealthCare creative team produced amazing marketing assets using Adobe’s Creative Cloud® Suite. But with a growing number of hospitals and medical facilities in Illinois and Michigan, the healthcare provider’s creative team struggled to manage the increasing volume of work.

"We use SharePoint, and before we started looking and found Wrike, it was difficult for us to monitor requests, triage work, and delegate assignments,” says Andrea Bonk, Program Manager of Market Research and Operations for OSF Marketing and Communications.

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The team needed a flexible project management solution to centralize requests, assign work, and collect feedback. But this couldn’t be any task manager—the tool also needed to streamline the design, review, and approval process.

“When we were looking for a work management solution, finding something that could really make that seamless transition from the project management system to the creative process was really important,” says Heidi Wessler, OSF Graphic Design Coordinator. “So when I saw the Wrike and Adobe integration, I was really excited we found something that could bridge that gap so well.”

The team selected Wrike and integrated it with their Adobe tools to build, then later manage, an optimized creative delivery process.

Adobe is a world-class creative suite and it's wonderful to be able to work with a project management system that has partnered with Adobe to make the life of a designer easier through integration on the Creative Cloud platform. Wrike’s Adobe Creative Cloud® Extension is simple but really powerful.

Heidi Wessler

Graphic Design Coordinator

Their victory

OSF HealthCare streamlined its end-to-end creative process using Wrike and Adobe.

Fast-Tracking Revisions and Approvals

Tracking asset files and revisions through email used to be messy and time-consuming. Managing editing and approvals using Wrike and the Adobe Creative Cloud® Extension saves the team significant time and energy, as it fast-tracks the approval process.

“It’s so nice,” says Wessler. “From InDesign, I just go into the Wrike extension, see what changes need to be made, and then upload a new proof until we land on a final version. I no longer have to adjust my PDF settings, export to desktop, start an email, attach the asset, and send it. I just click the add button in Wrike directly from within InDesign and it's out there.”

“Yesterday we ended up having to send a one-off, high-priority patient email communication,” tells Bonk. “Because we had Wrike and the Adobe extension, the ability to proof, load, and comment was easily 50% faster than it would have been otherwise.”

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Less Time Hunting for Information, More Time for Quality

Creative collaboration was a headache before Wrike. Files and emails flew back and forth, causing roadblocks and stalling production.

“You'd have to search through emails and if people didn't reply all or a separate email got sent on top of another one, you'd have to group all that feedback together,” explains Wessler. “We don't have to spend time doing that anymore. Feedback is all in one place. In fact, it has allowed a little bit more back-and-forth because it's so easy and quick, which raises the quality of our assets.”

“I think the time to value within our team has certainly increased,” agrees Bonk. “We're collaborating more than we ever have before, but we’ve also cut the time it takes to revise and approve assets by 50%, if not more.”

Fewer Emails, Greater Visibility

Collaborating directly within Wrike and through the Adobe extension keeps all project materials and communication in a single, easily accessible place. The benefit: enhanced visibility for all.

“From an operations standpoint, the transparency is amazing,” says Bonk. “I’m able to very quickly pull reports for my boss, so she can report up to her boss the kind of work that we're doing. The ability to do that quickly is just fabulous.”

“I'm more in the trenches doing production work,” says Wessler. “It’s really nice to cut out a bazillion emails every day. Instead of everyone on our team sending 10 emails about one topic, we just make comments in Wrike. I don't have to go search through emails for all my pieces and parts — they're all right there in one place.”

Their superpowers

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Dynamic Request Forms

Before Wrike, the OSF team manually monitored and distributed up to 30 project requests a day. Now the team uses Wrike’s Dynamic Request Forms. “Requesters answer a series of questions to tell us what they want, who their audience is, etc,” explains Bonk. “From there, if it’s something quick and easy, it’s automatically assigned to the right creative team. Requests that are a little bit more complex land in operations.”

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Adobe Creative Cloud Extension

Creatives waste precious time doing unnecessary administrative work and shifting back-and-forth between tools. Wrike’s Adobe Creative Cloud® Extension keeps creatives in the tools they love. “I use the extension in InDesign a lot,” says Wessler. “It’s simple but really powerful. I can click into Wrike directly from InDesign and review a task description really fast, or copy and paste asset copy and work that way.”

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Wrike Proof

Consolidating feedback and reconciling conflicting or ambiguous comments wastes time. OSF solves this issue using Wrike’s visual markup and approval tool. “People on the team use Wrike Proof to get feedback on videos,” reveals Bonk. “They really like the ability to pinpoint a particular hour, minute, or second and say, ‘This is the area where we need more light,’ or, ‘You need to blow up the graphic here.’"

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