Wrike for Hangouts Chat

Easily collaborate on work, make conversations more productive, and manage Wrike tasks, right in Hangouts Chat.

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Main features

Post Wrike task previews

Receive notifications from Wrike

Create and edit Wrike tasks

Work in Wrike without leaving Hangouts Chat

Accomplish more by adding Wrike to Hangouts Chat

Better collaborate on work

Post task previews and make it easier to collaborate on Wrike projects by displaying task details in chats. To show previews, add the Wrike bot to a Hangouts Chat room and type @Wrike, followed by the task’s permalink.

Stay informed about work

Immediately receive notifications as work progresses in Wrike so you can stay informed and quickly respond to changes. Notifications are delivered in a direct message from the Wrike bot.

Capture and update work

Create new tasks to quickly get work into Wrike, by inviting the Wrike bot to a room and typing @Wrike, then “create,” followed by the task title. And, you can take action on and update tasks directly in previews.

How to use it now


Browse for or create a new room, and add the Wrike bot

Log in to Wrike via a direct message with the Wrike bot

Type “@Wrike help” to see what you can do with Wrike for Hangouts Chat

To see everything you can accomplish with Wrike, take our product tour.
Visit our Help Center to learn more about the Wrike for Hangouts Chat.

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