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Project Closure Template

A project closure template gives recognition that a project has been completed while allowing you to assess each phase.
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Communicate the closure of your project

As your project nears completion, use our project closeout template to wrap up every facet, review all documentation, release project resources, and authorize the final handover to operational staff. Deliver more projects on time and within budget while avoiding the following issues:

  • Lack of project governance
  • No documented closeout process
  • Not enough visibility during project closeout

With Wrike’s template, eliminate these obstacles and enjoy:

  • Custom fields and workflows
  • An organized, step-by-step project signoff procedure
  • A comprehensive project closeout checklist
  • Visual dashboards that summarize each task’s progression 

Why you need a project closure template

<h5>Poor traceability</h5>
Poor traceability

Expedite your closeout process so you can reflect on and record the successes and learning moments of your project.

<h5>No cohesive checklist</h5>
No cohesive checklist

Maximize your efficiency and get a sense of closure with an itemized list based on proven best practices.

<h5>You rely on manual programs</h5>
You rely on manual programs

Act on follow-up tasks using a centralized hub with built-in automation, ensuring your projects get completed without delay.

<p>Efficient project closeouts start here</p>

Efficient project closeouts start here

<p>Efficient project closeouts start here</p>

How to use the project closure template

Too many organizations fail to meet their projects’ original goals, stay within budget, and deliver projects on time. Since governance is the most critical success factor for organizational success, a closure checklist is imperative to ensure that proper completion of administrative, project, and portfolio data can be shared across teams. With Wrike’s project closeout checklist template, you can:

Wrike’s project signoff template includes three primary components: a checklist, dashboard, and report.

Step 1: 

Locate the checklist blueprint, which includes pre-labeled folders and tasks that detail the required action items along with a custom workflow. The blueprint is customizable to how your team works, too.

Step 2: 

See the various phases of the project closure checklist and the items’ status in an organized Kanban-style dashboard.

Step 3: 

Get a visual, high-level view by pulling a report and seeing the items of the closure checklist.

Make Wrike work for you

Our project signoff template provides you everything necessary to close out programs efficiently while keeping all stakeholders updated.

Here are some other Wrike features that empower you to work smarter, enhance collaboration, and increase project visibility:

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<p>Close out projects faster with Wrike</p>

Close out projects faster with Wrike

<p>Close out projects faster with Wrike</p>


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