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Monthly Planner Template

Use Wrike’s online calendar planner to oversee task status, assess team priorities, and plan projects accordingly.
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Map out your monthly workload

Being a project manager can be exhausting. How do you keep track of multiple tasks, projects, and teams, ensuring everything gets delivered on time? For your business to be successful, you need to stay organized. 

You should consider using an online calendar planner if you struggle with:

  • Creating a monthly plan
  • Categorizing projects by team
  • Spotting overdue tasks

Wrike’s monthly planner template could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

  • Map out all your projects with a monthly schedule maker
  • Get a company-wide view of all team projects 
  • Prioritize tasks by urgency and identify delays instantly

Why you need the monthly planner template

<h5>Achieve task clarity</h5>
Achieve task clarity

Wave goodbye to poor task categorization. With Wrike’s simple folder structure, cross-tagging, and color-coding, you get a crystal-clear overview of your monthly workload. Organize tasks by status, urgency, and team.

<h5>Boost team collaboration</h5>
Boost team collaboration

Working in silos can negatively impact your teams’ productivity. Eliminate this issue with a shareable online calendar planner. Give each stakeholder a full view of active team projects so they can collaborate better.

<h5>Ensure on-time delivery</h5>
Ensure on-time delivery

Overdue tasks can set your entire project back. With Wrike’s monthly planner template, you can easily assess which tasks are time-sensitive and ensure they are prioritized. Track multiple deadlines at once to hit every target.

<p>Take control of your team schedule</p>

Take control of your team schedule

<p>Take control of your team schedule</p>

How to use Wrike’s monthly planner template

Ready to organize your monthly tasks but not sure where to start? First, let’s take a look at the specific tools you’ll be using.

Wrike’s monthly planner template has all the features you need to kick-start your task scheduling.

So, now you’re ready to use the monthly planner template in your Wrike workspace. 

Luckily, this template is highly intuitive — all you need to do is follow these three steps to get your new online calendar planner up and running.

Step 1: Submit your request

Search for the in-built request form, which is labeled “Monthly Planner.” Enter the task name, start and end date, and the team that will perform the task. 

Include the urgency level and any additional comments before submitting the form. It will now appear as a task in your “Monthly Planner” space.

Step 2: Track team progress

There are individual folders for each department (Finance, Human Resources, Sales, etc.) Tailor these to suit your organizational structure and add relevant projects.

View all team projects at a glance using the color-coded calendar. You can also get a bird’s-eye view of company-wide projects with the “Teams” dashboard.

Step 3: Prioritize your workload

Use the “Task Status” dashboard to monitor tasks as they move through various stages, from “New” to “In Progress” to “Completed.” Your “Urgency” dashboard will identify high-priority tasks, so you know which ones to focus on first.

The monthly planner template also includes an in-built “Overdue Tasks” report to help you address delays quickly.

More than a monthly schedule maker

Now you know how to use the monthly planner template, you can explore the rest of Wrike’s versatile platform to see what other project management tools we offer.

Here are some features that can help you optimize your resources, manage your team’s workload, and deliver projects on time:

Our all-in-one software has everything you need to simplify your monthly planning and guide your organization from one successful quarter to the next.

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<p>Prioritize tasks, one month at a time</p>

Prioritize tasks, one month at a time

<p>Prioritize tasks, one month at a time</p>


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