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Why Is Digital Marketing Important?

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in — if you can’t reach your customers, you can’t do business. 

Before the internet came along, the most common methods of promoting a product or service were TV or radio commercials, print advertisements, and billboards. Digital marketing has opened up new avenues for organizations to engage prospective and returning customers, from social media to video marketing. 

In today’s business environment, it’s essential for every company, big or small, to gain a foothold in the digital sphere. Let’s dive deeper into why digital marketing is important for businesses.

Four reasons why digital marketing is important

1. Targeted and measurable

In traditional marketing, audiences tend to be vast — the entire readership of The New York Times, for example, or people who watch a certain show on a certain TV channel — and you cannot tailor your message to appeal to specific groups. With digital marketing, you can target potential customers based on age, gender, location, etc. 

You can also analyze your marketing efforts to gain insights into how many people visited your website, how they discovered you, and their journey to making a purchase. This information is highly valuable in ensuring the success of future digital marketing campaigns.

2. Cost-effective

Due to its affordability, digital marketing has leveled the playing field for smaller and medium-sized businesses hoping to compete with bigger corporations. You can “boost” an ad campaign on Facebook or Google for as little as $5 and target it specifically to your chosen demographic, with a reach that potentially spans the globe. 

3. Raises brand awareness

With the internet so entwined in our daily lives, your digital marketing efforts can reach the eyes of potential consumers at any time of the day or night. You can build up your brand image through compelling content, from informative blog posts to entertaining YouTube videos. This will set your business apart from the competition.

4. Improves customer engagement

One of the most vital reasons why digital marketing is important is the opportunity it brings for engagement. Businesses are closer to their customers than ever before and can answer their questions and concerns in moments. You can inform them of sales and discounts and delight them with competitions and social media posts. All this keeps them coming back to your brand. 

It’s clear that digital marketing is hugely important in today’s business landscape. If you’re wondering where to start with building a digital marketing strategy for your company, read our guide.

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