My colleague, Henry, got stuck in the Bahamas, so I need to quickly reassign all his tasks scheduled for this week to Adam. Do you think I will do it one-by-one? No way!

I search all the tasks assigned to Henry in Wrike project management software and click on the "select all" checkbox. If I needed to select just some of them, I would just click on the corresponding checkboxes while holding the CTRL key (CMD on Mac). Then I hit the "Reassign" button in the right-pane menu and choose Adam from the assignees list. It takes me just a couple of seconds!

With the same ease, you can move your tasks between folders, reschedule them, transfer them to the backlog or mark them complete by clicking on the corresponding buttons. Just imagine how much time this new task management software feature will save you. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do!