If you were waiting for the release of Wrike’s interface in Spanish, you will be pleased with the latest updates. Today, it becomes more convenient for you, as well as your Spanish-speaking team members, clients, and partners, to collaborate on projects with the help of Wrike. 

To make your experience as pleasant as possible, we did our best to carefully translate Wrike’s workspace, notifications, alerts, and help pages. We believe that the possibility of working in the Spanish interface will make your work with Wrike even more enjoyable. Also, it will let you invite more Spanish-speaking peers to collaborate with you on Wrike.

“It is very exciting to launch the first localized version of Wrike,” said Nic Bryson, VP of Customer Relations. “With plans for more languages in the future, such as German, French, Portuguese, and Italian, we started with Spanish, the one most called-for by our users. We value our Spanish-speaking customers who have been using Wrike in English to date. We believe that they, as well as new Spanish-speaking users, will be pleased with the convenience of using Wrike in their native language.”

How can I see Wrike in Spanish? Have Spanish as a high-priority language in your web browser.

If you are as happy with the release as we are, a tweet or a short blog post about it would be a great “thank you” for our efforts to deliver the Spanish version to you:) Thank you for your continuous support and for using Wrike’s English version!

Want to see Wrike in your language? Let us know in the comments of this post. Your vote counts!