Regardless of company size or industry, workflow process improvement is an important, and often difficult, necessity. As businesses and operations scale, outdated procedures can become a serious hindrance to the operational excellence of an organization. For Walmart Canada, BigCommerce, and the University of Minnesota, this reality became evident as they struggled with archaic Excel spreadsheets and insufficient project visibility

Wrike was the answer to their outgrown and outdated processes. Take a look at how these organizations used Wrike to transform inefficient workflows into sophisticated and strategic operations. 

Walmart Canada: Proving project value and automating processes

Walmart Canada's Continuous Improvement team was faced with the challenge of improving productivity and developing business recommendations for the Transportation department. However, when Carolyn Lum, Senior Manager, National Continuous Improvement, first came into the role, she received an Excel spreadsheet to track the entire Transportation project pipeline. It came with about 50 lines, with some of the cells containing just a single word. 

“Associates were just doing things in notebooks, spreadsheets, or whatever was available to them.”

— Nicole Fakhri, Manager of Continuous Improvement

Lum and her team wanted to move away from managing clunky spreadsheets to focusing on the more exciting part of their work. They decided they needed a platform that was both consolidated and comprehensive, and could:

  • Streamline communication.
  • Organize and contextualize projects.
  • Automate project approvals.
  • Align projects to corporate strategies.
  • Leverage key analytics and generate dashboards.

Wrike enabled their teams to accomplish these goals and more. A centralized work platform and improved project visibility helped them turn hours of project approval time and status update calls into just minutes. The success of Wrike’s integration into the Continuous Improvement team also led Walmart Canada to implement Wrike into several other teams, including PMO, Strategy, Transportation, Supply Chain Planning, Logistics Operations, Supply Chain Reinvention/End to End, Marketing, and E-commerce Studio. 

“We tell everyone to not make any sort of presentation; simply walk us through your project in Wrike."

— Carolyn Lum, Senior Manager of Continuous Improvement

Learn more about Walmart Canada’s success with Wrike: Read the case study.

BigCommerce: Scaling services by streamlining systems

When BigCommerce was in the process of pivoting to target larger businesses, they were held back by an outdated service management system that was too reliant on emails and spreadsheets. They needed a better solution that could realistically meet their strategic growth goals and scale alongside their business. 

Wrike was chosen among competitors like Smartsheet, Microsoft Project, Asana, FinancialForce, Klient, and Jira, due to its unique capabilities to streamline processes, simplify reporting, and scale business. With Wrike, BigCommerce was able to manage multiple workflow methodologies in one platform, improve visibility into projects through streamlined reporting and analytics features, and collaborate better in a flexible, centralized workspace. 

Since deploying Wrike, the BigCommerce team spends 50% less time on reporting, and has seen 28% fewer escalations and a 102% adoption rate increase in one year.

“Having everything standardized in Wrike makes iterating our process and making updates a lot faster and more collaborative.”

— Patrick O’Connor, Manager of Professional Services, Data Migration

Learn more about BigCommerce’s success with Wrike: Read the case study.

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