The Wrike team is excited to announce a new case study with one of our most enthusiastic customers yet: Redfoo! You might recognize him from this season's Dancing with the Stars or from his LMFAO single "Party Rock Anthem," which hit #1 on charts worldwide and is currently ranked as Billboard's 5th most successful song of all time. In addition to showing off his moves on Dancing with the Stars, Redfoo is the CEO of LaFreak Clothing and Party Rock Records (check out his newest single, "Juicy Wiggle"). He's a modern day Renaissance man!

Why Does Redfoo Use Wrike?

Managing so many different companies means tracking a lot of tasks and projects at once. Between planning events, overseeing clothing designs, and managing video shoots, Redfoo is crunched for time. His team needed a place to keep everything organized and available, and with Redfoo on the road much of the time, he needed a solution that would make it easy to manage his businesses on the go.

Read the Redfoo Case Study 

To learn more about how Redfoo manages his businesses via Wrike, go check out his Wrike customer story. It includes a video of our one-on-one interview with him where you'll discover:

  • How Redfoo gets things done while keeping work fun
  • His favorite ways to manage his multiple businesses with Wrike
  • How he captures ideas and collaborates with his team while on the road

New Wrike Themes

Inspired by Redfoo and his colorful personality, we're bringing two fun new themes to the Wrike workspace. Get the party started with one of these fun themes: Legendary Leopard or Retro Safari.

Wrike It Down with Redfoo: How to Manage Projects Like a Rockstar! Wrike It Down with Redfoo: How to Manage Projects Like a Rockstar!

Go to Wrike Labs to install them now!

Come Back for More!

In a few days, we'll release a special blog post with more secret tips and tricks Redfoo and his team use to get things done. Come back to the blog to learn how to manage your creative teams like a global rockstar. If you want to check out how your team can have fun with Wrike first-hand, start a free trial today.

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Image credit: Photo taken by Tom Treanor.