When you’re tackling a big project, two brains are often better than one. And in the case of the Geneva Health Forum’s mission to solve global health concerns, thousands are even greater. Wrike is proud to be a Productivity Partner for this year's Geneva Health Forum.

The GHF is a global health conference that brings together healthcare professionals, policy makers, entrepreneurs, researchers, human rights leaders, and the civil sector to find pragmatic solutions to pressing global health issues. We’re excited to help participants bring their collective brain power to bear on matters of public health.

Our CEO and mastermind Andrew Filev will be attending the GHF and leading a workshop on the power of online collaboration. He'll be discussing emerging trends and why knowledge sharing is the key to efficient collaboration, among other tips and pointers. Click here for more details on Andrew’s workshop. We have a lot of healthcare organizations relying on Wrike for project management. So, if you're attending this event, we'll be happy to see you in Geneva!