We're back from beautiful Switzerland, where leaders from a range of industries congregated at the 2014 Geneva Health Forum to advance global health issues. It was exciting to be a part of the energy and commitment of 1,000+ attendees all dedicated to making a difference in the world. We're grateful to have been part of the action, helping to facilitate international collaboration as an official Productivity Partner.

Our CEO Andrew Filev participated in several activities, contributing to a panel discussion and leading a workshop about the power of online collaboration.

He shared his insights on the emergence of remote work and the corresponding tech enablers. Some key takeaways included:
  • 80% of workers deal with remote work, and remote collaboration is moving to the cloud. Cloud-based services ensure the whole team has easy, reliable access to work, no matter where they are.
  • Social project management tools tap into people's established sharing habits to create an environment of open collaboration.
  • Mobile technology is crucial in granting workers access to information from anywhere on the globe.
  • With the incredible amount of information workers now have access to, important, actionable insights can be uncovered--with the right tools to crunch the data.

These four tech enablers combine to connect teams, reduce errors, and make collaboration more efficient. Andrew also gave tips on how to foster innovation through knowledge sharing, encouraging attendees to lead by example and proactively share documents, processes, and plans with their teams.

We continue to be inspired by the brilliant minds that use Wrike to collaborate from around the world, working together for the greater good. Here's to continued innovation and collaboration in our partnership with the Geneva Health Forum!

Update: Take a look at the slides from Andrew's collaboration workshop on Slideshare!