Real-time access to your work while on the go has always been the goal of mobile work apps — it has become a necessity what with organizations demanding agility and workers using their own mobile devices to get things done. Today we’re happy to announce an update to the Wrike iOS app which will assist you in staying productive from any location.

Dashboards in iOS

The iOS app now gives you access to Dashboards*. Dashboards are a great starting point for tracking the status of your work; they're customizable and allow your team to align over a shared view. Bringing it into iOS now means you have the same access to that view as you do on your desktop.

Starred Folders & Projects in iOS

When using Wrike In a web browser, you can easily star a Folder or Project to gain quick access to your most commonly used tasks. This latest update finally brings the starred section to iOS within your folder tree. Now all your favorite Folders and Projects are just a click away. And if you're not using the starred section yet, here's how to make Wrike life easier by starring your favorite Folders and Projects.

Check out the updated Wrike iOS app in the App Store.

As always, your feedback is important to us for improving Wrike, so do let us know what you think in the comments below or contact our Support team.

*Dashboards are available for Professional and Enterprise users.