We can’t wait to share the great news with you! We put a lot of effort into delivering several of the most frequently requested features. So now your project management will get an even more powerful boost. The new features come with our brand new enterprise version, which was released today.

We say that the enterprise version “offers you everything you need to manage your business,” and that is true. With the new version, you get a platform for collaboration, task management, task revisions history, reporting across multiple projects, time-tracking and Gantt Charts with task dependencies. The task dependencies feature was virtually the most desired by our users. We are happy to tell you that now you can link tasks and build project schedules even more accurately with the help of this feature. Your organization can get full-featured enterprise project management software. Signing up takes just a few minutes, and an upgrade even takes less than that!

If you are used to Microsoft Project Gantt charts with task dependencies, there is now a simple and handy way to share your tasks online and work on them together with your team. Wrike’s new version allows you to easily import Microsoft Project files. Your transfer from Microsoft Project to Wrike will be painless.

We welcome you to sign up for Wrike or upgrade your account to the enterprise version now.