In our latest Dynamic Platform Release, we've made it easier for developers to integrate with Wrike by releasing our new API v.3 and a new Developer site. Now building your own custom integration with Wrike takes less time and effort.

Some of the most important improvements in Wrike's API 3.0 include:

  • Organized using REST principles making it more robust and easier to use.
  • Added the most popular request methods including: Custom Fields, Subtasks, and more account management functions
  • Migrated to OAuth 2.0 protocol for authorization to align our API with industry standards.

Our API is designed to be used for Enterprise grade applications. In fact, we've built our own mobile apps and Zapier integration using our API v.3, so it's possible to build very robust applications with API v.3. 

Today, we also launched our new Developer site,, which provides quick access to API Documentation and developers can now request API keys directly from the developer site without having to contact support.

Visit Developer portal to start working with the new API and share your experience in comments.