Just a couple of weeks ago, we invited you to see an early preview of Wrike’s powerfully redesigned Activity Stream. Your great feedback helped us to put some finishing touches on this feature and enhance it even more. Today, the curtain falls, and the new Activity Stream appears in its full glory!

The Activity Stream is much more than a real-time feed of project updates. It is an amazingly robust collaboration tool that keeps you up-to-date with the project progress and lets you actively discuss tasks and issues in real time. So what’s new?

Location and structure

The tasks and folders that were updated or commented on most recently appear at the top of the stream. By default, the last two comments or updates are shown for each item, but you can instantly switch to the whole newsfeed by clicking on the “Show all updates” link. That’s it!

New discussions format
One of the greatest enhancements is the ability to comment on any post in the Activity Stream, just like in your Facebook newsfeed. Staying on top things, taking part in discussions, sharing advice with colleagues and resolving issues becomes easier than ever! The Activity Stream is updated in real-time, so whenever you glance at it during the day, you’ll always see the latest changes, comments and questions. All updates are reflected without the need to reload the page, so it feels like you’re chatting with your peers. Now all the comments that you post in the Activity Stream also appear in a specific task’s or folder’s pane. And vice versa, all comments that your teammates leave under certain tasks will be visible in the Activity Stream. We believe that centralized task discussions will speed up your team’s collaboration and pump up your efficiency!

Accurate filtering options

Just as before, by default you track the tasks and folders that you set to follow in Wrike project management software. But there’s one more awesome feature to help you not get “carried away with the stream” of numerous updates: handy filters. Here’s what you can choose:

  • the changes and comments on all tasks and folders that you follow (this is the option set by default);
  • the latest changes and comments only of the tasks that are assigned to you;
  • the changes and discussions of the tasks that you created, updated or commented on at least once;
  • additionally, if you check the box “Hide auto updates,” you will only see the comments and the history of file attachments in the Activity Stream. Other updates, for example, rescheduling a task or sharing it with a new team member, will be filtered out of the view. 

We hope that you will enjoy the update as much as Michal Mesko, who gets “a nice perspective of what's going on across different projects” thanks to the new Activity Stream. You are welcome to try the redesigned Activity Stream and tell us how you find it. Will it benefit your team’s work? What’s the handiest update? Let us know what you think in the comments to this post!

Update: In response to customer requests, we've brought the Activity Stream back onto the dashboard. Now, you can track the project progess not only in a separate panel of your Wrike workspace, but also in a dashboard widget.