Does your team receive a steady stream of similar requests? If so, then you have an opportunity to scale your team's productivity quickly and easily. Using a professional services automation solution can help your team to maximise their time and boost their efficiency.
Wrike just released an enhancement that brings two powerful features together: Project Templates and Request Forms. Now you can automatically turn inbound requests into perfectly templatized projects.
Your customer gets immediate confirmation of their request, and your team can start work as soon as possible. Best of all, the optimized project merges in all customer requirements, and organizes tasks to achieve the preferred deadline automatically. 

 Step 1: Create Your Project Template

  • Optimize the steps, setting the order, duration, and spacing between tasks. 
  • Include all generic instructions and attachments needed for any request, in the template. 
  • Store your template in a distinct folder to separate it from actual projects.

. Step 2: Build a Request Form 

  • Create a Request Form in the Account Management > Request Form tab in Wrike.
  • Capture all required fields up front, saving your team time. 
  • Access forms inside Wrike, or make them accessible through an external URL.
  • Upon submit, a project is activated from a current template. 



 Step 3: Monitor Progress in a Shared Report

  • Get a bird's eye view of project status on a shared Project report
  • Quickly track status with green, yellow, and red status.



Interested in turning your next request into an instant project?

For more information on how to set up templatized projects, check out this help page article.

Request Forms are a feature available to Wrike Business and Enterprise plans only. To upgrade your account, please contact our Support team or start a free Business Plan trial now.